11 Sep 2014, 6:12

The First One

So here we are.

A little while ago my dad started rebuilding his website with this thing Hugo. He was super excited about it. He has thousands of posts and it still builds his site in fractions of a second.

Around the same time, Bryan at work pointed out that I needed a place to put a sort of portfolio of the cool stuff I’ve made. (That’ll all be here when I really understand how to make websites.)

So I started checking out Hugo and it sounded really sweet. Not only was it fast, but it relied on Markdown, which I immediately loved. When I got sick of playing around with the Markdown dingus, I decided to build a site.

After an unbelievable amount of repository cloning, a visit to Hover, and a couple passes over the Markdown syntax, this happened.

So here we are.