22 Jun 2015, 10:11


I’ve spent the past week at the Janelia Reseach Campus. It’s pretty nuts. All the labs are privately funded, so scientists here can work here on whatever they want without worrying about writing grants or any of the stupid stuff that’s happening. I’m getting a pretty sweet deal, with housing and food, and I’m on a neat coding project that’s right about at my skill level.

All of the other undergrads here for the summer are extremely cool, and a lot of them are international. Most of them do biology experiments, so they’re bound to the lab for longer hours than me. I’m not sure whether I should have more guilt or pleasure over being the one who sits around the house the most, but there’s only so long I can think in Python.

I want this summer to be a chance for me to correct some of the balances: work to play, watching to reading, reading to writing.

Hopefully by the end I’ll be ready to get back to proving theorems.