26 Aug 2016, 1:04

What's new

Been working on a couple projects this summer. The big one is a research fellowship in theoretical computer science - really interesting experience. Theory research is straight-up math - seeing if you can prove statements about how fast different things can be computed, coming up with algorithms, reading complicated papers. It’s hard to tell if I’m doing a good job, but the work is interesting for sure.

This other small project is a shot-for-shot remake of Shazam or SoundHound. Not an original idea at all, but I’m learning tons. Loosely following this post, but I’m rolling everything from scratch - wrote the FFT and everything. Check it out if you’re interested in that kind of thing - I’ll probably write a technical post about it once it works.

Moved into an apartment at the beginning of the summer, so I’m balancing all the tech stuff with cooking and cleaning, and watching tons of movies. Pretty nice quiet time.