15 Feb 2015, 10:40

Night Time

Tonight I went on a run with a few older students. It was later than I usually go out, and kinda dark. We saw three racooons, which is three more than I thought I shared this campus with. It’s cool, the things you can see that you wouldn’t have, if you do something even a tiny bit out of the ordinary and keep your eyes open.

I had an idea last night, which I didn’t write down. After some intense thought this afternoon, I remembered it, so I’ll keep you posted about that if it goes anywhere.

Mostly, routine. Work, sleep, think about things. Routine is good if you like what you’re doing, but I also try to reset every once in a while. Watching movies and old episodes of The Office, playing a couple games.

A guy down the hall gave me a vacuum-sealed package of pesto he made before going on sabbatical this term. I froze it, and for Valentine’s day we made pesto chicken pasta. Delicious! I can’t believe it took me a whole term to realize Trader Joe’s was four blocks away.