21 Feb 2015, 5:39

Treat Day

So today I did some fun stuff.

A few people in my hall went to this really hip place for brunch. I had a Belgian waffle and it made me think about Bruges in Salt Lake. After that, I rode my bike and the train into East Hollywood and found a coffee shop, where I did some of my work for this weekend. I was probably the only one in there without any tattoos, and I was definitely the only one calculating eigenvalues.

After that I hit up The Last Bookstore, and then rode my bike up main street back to Union Station. I ran into what looked like a farmer’s market and Latin culture celebration. There was music and a bunch of kids asking their parents for knickknacks.

When I got up to the platform at Union station, I heard a guy telling someone that the next train to Pasadena would be there in five minutes. I caught a look at this guy’s face, and I saw that he was wearing a contact lens in one eye which, hand to god, had the LA Dodger’s logo on it. I ended up standing next to him on a super crowded train; I had to stand my bike up on one wheel to take up less space. After the train started moving, he took out a disposable razor, felt his cheeks (he was wearing a messy goatee), pressed the razor to his face, and dragged it down, dry. When the train stopped next, a tiny old woman got on, and he stood up, and called her over to take his seat: “SeƱora!”